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    Susan Steinbrecher. Activating Compassion. Jesse Nichols George. Criticism harms those who give it and those towards whom it is directed. Attacks create barriers between people and precious time is lost in mending fences that need not have been damaged. Analysis also involves learning skills to think systemically. Learning to analyze circumstances and people from the angle of the highest ideals prevents us from making errors in judgment. Through the soul lesson of synthesis , leaders learn how to be holographic, seeing the bigger picture or destiny of their organization as well as its interconnected parts.

    (ebook) Bringing Our Souls to the Classroom

    As a leader, we develop synthesis-thinking by practicing both-and thinking and avoiding getting caught in the tug of oppositional thinking of right-wrong, black-white, win-lose, either-or thinking. We develop intuition and imagination for problem solving. We develop the witness, that part of our mind that can stand back and observe without judgment. Our ultimate soul lesson as a leader is to learn to stand alone.

    We achieve this lesson when we learn to unconditionally love humanity and after we have mastered the four soul lessons of vision, right relations, analysis, and synthesis. We develop self-confidence that emerges when we feel connected to our spiritual essence and when we experience the spaciousness that comes with the acceptance of life as it is.

    We acquire the knowledge that, regardless of the challenges and even dangers we experience in our leadership role, we know we can stand alone only if we learn to love enough. We also learn how to think holographically, seeing how details of a situation or interactions connect with other parts of the organization. As leaders, we bring our personal self to our soul lessons, whether these lessons entail learning how to evolve a vision, right relations, analysis, synthesis, or to stand alone. Our commitment to learning these soul lessons determines the depth and breadth of our learning.

    Over time we become the leader we were intended to become. Not the leader we thought, perhaps, nor the leader others wanted us to be. We become the leader we were meant to be. Reference: Susan S. Are you consumed with frustration toward someone? Whether you know it are not, these are classic signs of bitterness.

    Bitterness follows unwanted experiences, failures, disappointments and setbacks that are perceived to be beyond our control. But in Christ, we have the opportunity to pull up the root of bitterness. Do you feel left out, lonely and less than? Join us for a small group experience that will involve weekly homework and discussions that will both convict and encourage.

    Soul of a Citizen: Classroom and Discussion Questions - Paul Loeb's Work

    This is a small group for Life Stage 2 women seeking healing and transformation in community. Fear of the unknown, perfectionism, trying to fit — God knew that fear and worry would be common emotions for women to battle in everyday life. Soul Care classes are designed to help people continue to grow in their understanding of how the gospel offers hope and healing for the things that they are currently struggling with.

    At Soul Care, we believe everyone has been equipped through the Spirit and the Word of God to comfort and care for the suffering. Soul Care is committed to encouraging and training the members of the body of Christ to do just that. These classes are offered at different times throughout the year. But others? Not so much. Bitterness, anxiety, depression, regret and embarrassment are all feelings that can barge in, boss us around and wreak havoc in our lives and relationships.

    tokhterthandlote.tk We all feel it at times—life comes at us at lightning speed from a hundred directions. And apparently, some people are able to float above it all with a peace that transcends all understanding. If so, how do you most often finish it? Tired of this? Having a hard time letting this go? However you finish the statement, the presence of anger is deceptive, but real. Come and learn what the Bible prescribes for the troublesome emotion of anger in a two-week class.

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    • This class is for both men and women. Living in this fallen world is messy, but the truth of the gospel changes everything. This seven-week class includes lectures, class discussion, video clips and homework. For questions, email Ryan at RyanM christchapelbc.