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May 7, ; 7 Romulus R. June 5, ; 8 Elisha R.

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June 21, ; 9 Uriah, b. July 5, , d. June 11, ; 3 John, b. July 11, ; 4 James, b. May 23, ; 6 George W. June 13, ; 8 Eleanor, b. June 1, , 9 Romulus, b. May 25, Amelia D. Riggs d. Philemon Dorsey, b.

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  8. Joshua Dorsey, son of Michael; 2 Elizabeth, b. May 13, , m. William Ridgely; 3 Philemon, b.

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    Benjamin Warfield; 5 Sarah, b. Vachel Warfield; 6 Amelia Dorsey, b. Samuel Riggs. Philemon Dorsey d. July 25, ; 2 Alhin, h. Lucretia 0. May 13, Matilda 0. Samuel, b. July 25, , son of Henry and Lucretia, m. July 3, ; 5 Henry, b. Cramner, b. July, ; 9 Ursula, b.

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    Rockville, Md. England, Jr. July 29, ; 3 Emily H.

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    June 15, ; 5 Elizabeth G. May 21, ; 9 Lillian C. Jeremiah Crabb, m. Baltimore, Md. Christopher, b. June 3, , Howard Heald, b. May 6, ; 3 Alfred Heald, b. Howard Heald d.

    Heald, b. May 6, , dau. Bevan, b. Carback ; and had issue : 1 Lula Howard, b. Macgill, b. Macgill d. Cincinnati, Ohio. James Andrews, of Cincinnati, Ohio, b. James Andrews d. June 13, , J. Parsons, b. July 4, Consul at Han Chow, China, m. May 13, , Elizabeth Smith, b. Andrews, h. California and Washington.

    Andrews, b. June 25, ; and had issue: 1 Leanier, b. June 16, ; 3 Francis G. Harrison, b. Frederick, Md. Shriver; and had issue: 1 Harriet Amelia, b. Isabella S. June 13, Catherine Adams; and had issue: Amelia Riggs, and others.

    John Jacob Kunkel d. Montgomery County, Md. Macgill, Jr.

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    Eva Riggs Macgill, b. June 13, ; 2 Lloyd T. July 7, , d. Owings d. Lisbon, Md.

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    Owings, b. James Jessup; and had issue: James Jessup d.

    Old Bailey Proceedings, 3rd January 1833.

    Ann M. Owings, dau. Henry Owings. Mat- tie Massey. Owings, son of Eleanor and Basil, m. No other record of the children of Eleanor A. May 7, , son of Henry and Mary, m. Mary A. Bantz; and had issue: 1 Stewart; 2 Harry ; and 3 Mary Bantz. June 5, , son of Henry and Mary, m. July 10,, d. May 21, , d.