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Examining dreams is very different from acting on them. As you said, having sex with people in your dreams doesn't mean you should actually have sex with them, but it may suggest desires and longings that in fact exist and need to be acknowledged, at least to yourself.

Or the people involved may represent characteristics you want to connect with in yourself. And the appearance in dreams of loved ones who have died may simply mean you miss them, or at some level are still relating to them. I can understand your concern about unhealthy dwelling on dreams but maybe the examples you use have a different meaning from their face value. The people that you have sex with, in your dream, may just mean you wish for more of an emotional connection with them, not a sexually intimate one.


And dreaming of loved ones who have died means you are giving closure to your grief and are accepting their death. I hope this makes some sense. I had this awful dream today and woke up in a panic. The fact that I still remember it and that I landed on this article today is very telling. Looks like I've got to brace myself fat or get my shit together quick. Anyway the rug may be pulled from under me. Native American shamans say that they get bugged by "daytime weaklings" that insist upon help while they're sleeping. The best way I've found to interpret dreams is the technique described in Dr.

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Karen Horney's classic work, "Self Analysis" ; public domain, available free online. It consists of writing a narrative of the dream as soon as you wake up, then making a list of all the images and action in the dream down one column of a page and then free associating the first list to a second list in a parallel column. Then reconstruct the narrative using the free associations in lieu of the dream images.

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Works every time! As a very vivid and prolific dreamer, your information was beyond helpful - Thank You! My dream life I consider a big part of my spiritual growth, and always look forward to my nightly guidance.

I'm glad the post was helpful to you. Music to my ears. And I agree: a big part of my spiritual journey, too. Gregg, wonderful article. When someone is willing to take on the task of explaining the beautiful, terrible, intoxicating, exciting, dangerous, etc. You did a great job contributing to my curiosity and fascination with this topic Gregg and I love you for it man PEACE and all the best..

I used to enjoy recording bizarre and fantastical dreams, but now, they are so often terrible anxiety dreams, where it's clear they are about my magnified every day anxieties about work and family, that I am just relieved when I have no memory of dreams in the morning. I don't really need to be reminded of my disappointments in myself and mild trauma I've experienced even when asleep.

My husband is similar, we could use advice on how to stop dreaming because therapists don't seem helpful on this at all. We try to employ the tools we have to repair damaged thinking and behavior, but the nightmares remain. This seems similar though of course to a lesser extent to PTSD dreams in soldiers, but they don't seem to have great success getting theirs to stop either from the web info I've read.

You said you are taking your outside anxiety to your sleep and it shows in your dreams You cannot stop dreaming just like you cannot stop breathing but you can change your outside life to match inside You sound quite capable of knowing this but the fact you are ignoring and asking how can I not fall from a cliff while driving toward it? People with PTSD have dreams because they are processing trauma and until the trauma is processed the dreams stay aggressive. This is real life.

You need to quiet the mind outside for it to sleep at night. I have dreams every night. Some have no meaning and are silly and by morning I've forgotten them. There's other dreams which have happened ALOT. My first one I can remember was in 10th grade, I'm 33 now, I had a dream a friend of mine died and a week later he did.

Have you ever seen a dream you had, play out in real life?

There were several clues in the dream that were the same in the outcome of his passing. I've had dreams and remember seeing people that I haven't in a long time then within the week I see them. I've had 3 separate dreams of people having children , telling them about it and finding out they really did get pregnant. The strangest one was a coworker who tried having kids for years only to have no success and then after my dream she had her first child.

I had a dream about family members coming to visit , which I wasn't expecting or never would've thought they'd visit since they live so far away and then they show up and the course of events take place the same. It's very strange but I often look forward to going to sleep. If I can remember the dream hours after waking up One of the strangest dreams I could remember involved a train and a clock with a specific time.

I remembered having an ill feeling during the dream, I woke up with the image of the clock and it's time so I called my mom and explained. Of course she laughed it off. I remembered it being light out so I considered it to be pm. Sure enough that very day the news came on and a person from a major city I lived a ways from was struck and killed by a train at that very time. It still confuses me to this day. Another weird one I can't figure out was about my son being trapped and crying so I woke up with my heart beating, went in his room and he was trapped in between the bed and the wall crying and he was facing down quietly crying.

My brain amazes me quite often but sometimes I'm nervous whether or not to tell people or do anything about them.

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  6. Just wanted to share. I've never really looked into it until my most recent one I told a friend she'd had a baby in my dream but someone took it from her and she just accepted it, she ended up having a miscarriage. Hey kelli.


    Why Do My Dreams Come True? (Hint: It’s Not Déjà Vu)

    Your not alone. I experience the exact same thing. My dreams, I would say most of them tend to be straight forward, they don't need interpretation and some are even warnings but the confusing bit about that is that you cannot know when exactly what you have dreamed will happen so you cannot act on a warning now yet the happening is in a months time. I tried telling people about me and my dreams some called me a "witch" in a joking way of course others called me blessed but there was a time when I would really get excited to go to sleep because of the knowledge my brain mints and the so many things I see while am alseep.

    As the saying goes " The stars cannot be seen during day but they surely can be seen at night" There are so many things I see while am asleep compared to when am awake, guess its a beautiful thing after all. I mean these marvels are some of what makes life beautiful isn't it? Dreamed I was playing basketball and most of us had 'warrent' written on the score board. Lots of 'toss up' plays, but every time the ball was in play, neither team could seem to make a play.

    Just seemed senseless.

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    5. Thanks for your input. As a child I would start remembering dreams upon waking, even small things like a comb falling out of my pocket.

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      I dreamed about a tree falling and when walking with friends I saw the tree told them to stop it was going to fall and it did. The worst was Hurricane Katrina, I saw this the April before it happened and told my oldest daughter. My youngest daughter and my oldest granddaughter seem to have these same traits. The things that people call dejavus I found are actually dreams and you can recall following events when they start. It is not a good trait because you can feel like you haven't slept.

      I purposely try not to remember my dreams now and tell my daughter and granddaughter same thing. Please tell me have you come across this before? Such a beautiful article. Too bad you don't have a page to follow on your Facebook to keep up with your articles. Thanks to my dear friend Mr. Enrique who directed me to Mystic vampire home.