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Esjan or the cityscape in the background. Cool for sunrise and sunset shots too. The building is mostly made of glass panels in different colours. You can go inside free of charge and in there you have many cool shooting spots as well as from the outside.

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Whether it's winter or summer it always makes a great frame for photography. Its tower rises 73m. You can take the elevator up if you are not afraid of heights. Up there you have incredible view over the city in all directions that is awesome cool to photograph. Tilt shift photography is for example something that is interesting from that point of view.

The lighthouse with its little black beach makes a beautiful frame especially during sunset. This spot is also great when northern lights are active due to little light pollution. Sometimes you may even see surfers having fun in the wild waves crashing there not so far away. In the tanks were updated and a hemispherical structure placed on top. I recommend stepping out to the balcony because from there you have a great view and perspective over the city and Mt. Esjan as well. This area is filled with colourful houses, shops, restaurants and renovated fishing sheds.

In this area you can get guided tours of all sorts both by bus as well as whale and bird watching tours. The museum gives you a sense of the architecture and lifestyle from the past. Sometimes they even have domestic animals as horses for example. If you like to comment on this or if you have an experience about those places you want to share feel free.

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You can even read blogs by other travelers. Send message. Contact Jorunn. Popular Latest Why you should make seeing a glacier a priority on your traveling bucklist! The glaciers are melting because of the warming of the earth. Now might be a good time to go see the glaciers!! The main area is by a clay hill, which goes by 2 names,. Staying at the Bragdavellir Cottages in the east fjords.

Airbnb is a site we have frequented before and, though we could have booked hotels or local guesthouses, we found Airbnb to be the most easily searchable database when it came to Iceland accommodations. Just over a week out from our April trip, we stumble.

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  8. Having loved rock climbing in the past, I thought ice climbing was likely just as enjoyable. What better way to learn how to ice climb than on an Icelandic glacier? Once we knew ice climbing was on our Iceland bucket list, it was important to decide on the company we wanted to arrange our tour with.

    Online reviews and safety policies were of the utmost importanc. What are Icelandic hot pots? The term "hot pot" refers to bodies of water naturally heated by the earth. With just mother nature at work, each hot pot maintains a different temperature -- often likened to that of a jacuzzi. The water is captured in local dwellings and welcomes both locals and visitors alike Hot pots va. Renting a Cozy Campervan in Iceland. While I could have easily rented a car and booked a few hotel stays along Ring Road, I much preferred the flexibility afforded to those in campervans.

    Iceland Campsites - Winter Edition. Santa Florentina, an eleventh century fortress north of Barcelona, was transformed into the seat of House Tarly Horn Hill in season six. This is the perfect spot to represent the Water Gardens of Dorne. If you visit Osuna then make sure you check out Casa Curro , the first restaurant in town to offer a GoT themed tapas menu for fans who want to feast like a Stark or Targaryen for around three euros per plate! Built by imperial troops in the first century BC to replace a wooden structure, it has 16 arches and is a whopping metres long.

    Scenes were shot for the HBO show with several cameras and a drone, making it look even longer and while you can see it for yourself from either direction, approach from the south for the best view, entering the old city by the mosque. Sitting majestically on a hill overlooking a desert, its ancient appearance attracts both tourists and filmmakers; since the s, it has played a role in many Hollywood films and TV series, such as Lawrence of Arabia , Jesus of Nazareth , The Mummy , Gladiator , Alexander , Babel and Prince of Persia to name just a few.

    Unlike Astapor, real-life Essaouira is known for a more relaxed atmosphere. In the s it was a hippie hangout graced by rock stars such as Cat Stevens and Jimi Hendrix and today it pulls in the surfing crowds, as well as being a great place to pick up some fresh seafood. Take to the road east of Reykjavik , past the bluish ice and distant mountaintops, and you may well start to believe in giants and White Walkers yourself…. In Game of Thrones, the area was used to film sweeping panoramas in season two, as Jon Snow ventures into the treacherous Frostfangs beyond the Wall.

    The mysterious House of the Undying is actually the Minceta Tower, located along the above mentioned walls of Dubrovnik. Looks like the Lannister approach might not pay off after all. The scenes of the Red Keep in season one were actually shot in Malta, but from season two onward the film crew moved the set to Croatia to shoot more exterior shots of Dubrovnik and Lovrijenac Fortress. The bay right in front of the fortress was used for the climatic scenes during the Battle of Blackwater.

    Only a few hundred metres off the coast of Dubrovnik lies the green and lush island Lokrum, 10 minutes by boat from the old port. The fortress is on the highest point of the island with an amazing view over the protected national park. The medieval town of Sibenik hit the small screen in the fifth season as Braavos, one of the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea.

    The Braavosi are a race of sailors and adventurers, and this city is home to the famous Iron Bank, as well as sheltering Arya Stark in her flight from Poniente. The medieval Klis Fortress, overlooks Klis village near Spilt, and is one of the places where Daenerys plans her return to power. Jump on the bus from Split to see this lush green nature reserve, which has provided some stunning backdrops for locations all over the Seven Kingdoms during the series so far.