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You may also have space for an engraved photo or small piece of artwork, depending on the grave marker that you choose. Pet grave markers are available in a number of different materials, including black and gray granite, bluestone, whitestone, river rock, dolomitic stone, and flagstone. Some markers are made of a combination of real stone particles and resin, which allows more control over the size and shape of the rock, as well as giving it added protection from rain and snow.

All pet markers that are designed to be placed outdoors are made to be weatherproof.

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Enter in an approximate weight of your loved one before cremation and we will tell you the size needed. Choosing the right size urn is easy. For every one pound before cremation you will need 1 cubic inch of volume. For example, a loved one weighing pounds will need an urn that is at least cubic inches or larger. Choosing an urn larger then you need is OK. Wonderful November 12, I started using Perfect Memorials in I have never, ever received an order that was wrong or had to be returned.

Everything has been perfect!

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This is it. The Cowboys poise themselves, ready to start, but: O. Again a hush. Doc stands behind Wyatt, still drunk, but with his. He's So drunk he's probably seein' Double.

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Doc pulls out his. One for each of you. Billy pauses, chastened. Suddenly there's another commotion as Virgil and Morgan bull their way through the crowd from behind with shotguns. Break it up. Go home, all of you, go home now This breads the group's will and things suddenly calm down dramatically as the Cowboys disperse. Wyatt lowers his pistol, heaving a sigh of relief as he pulls the still-groggy Curly Bill to his feet and hauls him reeling toward the jail.

Hell, you Ain't no fightin' man, you're Just a cop. As the Earps and Doc step out on the sidewalk we can see the semi-conscious Curly Bill through the front door of the jail laying in one of the cells, holding a bloody kerchief to his head. Wyatt closes the door, locks it, gives Clum the keys. He'll keep till morning The street is quiet as they start back toward the Oriental. Don't let anything side-track you. Meanwhile across the street at the hotel Josephine turns to Behan. Maybe you should Stay around to see what happens Next. Who know? You might find a Future here.

Wyatt looking on. So the judge said, can't have a Murder without a witness-case Dismissed. Can you beat it? After All that. Oh hell, who cares, None of my business anyways. Clum enters, frowning and anxious, just as Morgan sinks a shot. When we're Finally set we gotta each have a Billiard room in our houses. CLUM What about you? You were a lawman. We're all busy.

Sorry, Mayor, but you're really barkin' Up the wrong tree. Clum exits shaking his head. They keep playing. That's the real money. Build it Up, milk it for all it's worth, Then sell it off for a bundle and Breeze out of this burg with more Money than Croesus and ready to Live like kings. Let's you and me Take a walk around town, Virge, See if we can scout us out a Couple of nice lots.

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It's Working out just like you said, Wyatt. We're lootin' this burg Six ways through Sunday.

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I gotta admit. Suddenly a rubber ball rolls into their path. A small BOY plays in the front yard of a nearby cottage. The boy stands stock still, staring at the men in silence. He turns and walks back to the street without another word. Where you goin'? Virgil keeps going.

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Wyatt starts after him, leaving mother and child in confusion as He sits by his parlor hearth with Morgan at his side. Wyatt sits opposite with his head in his hands. I Looked at that woman and it was Just like somebody slapping me in The face. I mean these people're Afraid to even walk down the Street and I'm trying to make Money off it like some kind of God damn vulture.

That's not me, That's somebody I don't even know. Don't do this to me.

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I'm your Brother for Christ's sake. God, I Don't believe this. Or hit him. Morgan looks down in sheepish silence. Then he pulls back his coat, revealing the Deputy's badge on this vest. Wyatt groans. We're Brothers. Gotta back your Brother's play. Just did like I Figured you would. This Is no good. This is trouble we Don't need.

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For the first time in Our lives we got a chance to stop Wandering and finally be a Family. Do this and you throw it All away. You saw what happened To Fred White.

Just gonna keep a little Order, that's all. Old Fred Wasn't up to it. We know that We're doin', Wyatt. There's something else.