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University of Geneva , History , Faculty Member. Save to Library Download Edit. Sandrine Kott, Quelles normes pour quelle justice sociale? Lempen ed. Deutsche Gewerkschafter und die Sozialversicherung, Arbeitspapier aus der Kommission "Erinnerungskultur der sozialen Demokratie". Kott, K. Patel, Nazism across Borders. Kapitel 5 in SK, Sozialstaat und Gesellschaft. In this volume the author studies the rise and development of the German social state up to She asks what the conditions were that led to the development of a social democracy, the actual administrative practices and the fundamental repercussions for the nation of installing social insurance.

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She also touches on the particular situation of women and the role of healthcare politics. This study show that the German social state was an outgrowth of the existing social practices, and that its rise was part of an overall development throughout Europe. Sandrine Kott, Communism Day-to-Day. She then analyzes the enterprises themselves and the social, generational, and gender tensions that had a profound impact on the lived experience of socialism.

Paris, Hatier, Initial, Dictionnaire des nations et des nationalistes dans l'Europe contemporaine Certains intellectuels Nazism across Borders argues that Nazi social policies were part of transnational exchanges and p Beyond territorial conquest, the Nazis planned to export and internationalize their version of welfare, and promoted a new kind of internationalism, pitched as a superior alternative to its liberal and Communist contenders. Since the late nineteenth century, the 'German social model' had established itself as a powerful route for escaping from the precarious conditions associated with wage work.

The Nazis capitalized on this reputation, continuing some elements, but also added new measures, mainly to pursue their antisemitic, racist, and highly aggressive goals. The contributions in this collection shed new light on the complex ways in which German and Nazi ideas were received and negotiated by non-German actors and groups around the world before the Second World War. Why were they interested in what was going on in Germany?

To what extent did Nazi policies emulate programmes elsewhere. Competition, Cooperation, Circulations, De Gruyter, open access. The idea of planning economy and engineering social life has often been linked with Communist reg However, the persuasion that social and economic processes could and should be regulated was by no means limited to them.

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Intense debates on these issues developed already during the First World War in Europe and became globalized during the World Economic crisis. During the Cold War, such discussions fuelled competition between two models of economic and social organisation but they also revealed the convergences and complementarities between them. This ambiguity, so often overlooked in histories of the Cold War, represents the central issue of the book organized around three axes.


First, it highlights how know-how on planning circulated globally and were exchanged by looking at international platforms and organizations. The volume then closely examines specificities of planning ideas and projects in the Communist and Capitalist World. Finally, it explores East-West channels generated by exchanges around issues of planning which functioned irrespective of the Iron Curtain and were exported in developing countries.


The volume thus contributes to two fields undergoing a process of profound reassessment: the history of modernisation and of the Cold War. Global Cold War seen from the perspective of social and economic planning Analysis of circulation of ideas irrespective of the Iron Curtain Fresh look at the transnational history of international organizations in the bi-polar world. Europe, , Amsterdam University Press, Dorothea Hoehtker, Sandrine Kott sous la dir. Albert Thomas fut entre et le premier directeur du Bureau international du Travail.

It emphasizes the role played by the ILO in the international circulation of ideas, expertise and practices that foster the emergence and shaping of international social models, and examines the impact of its methods and models on national and local societies. By analysing the case of the ILO, the authors rethink the influence of international organizations in the shaping of the contemporary world and the emergence of a global civil society. This collection brings together a variety of new scholarship by a group of highly qualified and internationally renowned scholars in the field of global history and the history of international organizations.

Sandrine Kott, Emmanuel Droit Hg. Die ostdeutsche Gesellschaft. Eine transnationale Perspektive, Berlin, Links Verlag, New perspectives on the Cold War. Geneva February Mobility researcher fellow-Institut des sciences de la communication I Sovereignty, 'civilisation' and empire at the League of Nations. Development and underdevelopment in post-war Europe October For these scholars, practitioners and policy-makers, reconstructing those economies not only would not have solved their structural problems; it might have even exacerbated their chronic underdevelopment and increased the gap with the more advanced regions.

The history of post-war Europe is thus also the story of the attempts to overcome the structural backwardness of depressed regions through a conscious development effort, designed to bring radical changes to their economic and social structure in the long run. While the history of post-war development ideas and institutions is mostly told as an extra-European history, this workshop will study the European roots of post-war development policies, and how they influenced development policies in the rest of the world.

Far from remaining confined within European borders, this experience was in fact considered by the international development community as an incubator of lessons and ideas to be applied in underdeveloped areas worldwide. Conference Dubois International organisations and the politics of development: historical perspective December From Radio to the Internet. Parish N From Radio to the Internet.

In: De Gruyter. Journal of European Studies , 42 1 , pp. In: Dada and Beyond.

Volume 1: Dada Discourses. Avantgarde Critical Studies. Bologna, pp. From book to page to screen: Poetry and new media. Parish N From book to page to screen: Poetry and new media.

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Yale French Studies , , pp. Mediating the creative act via word and image. The case of Henri Michaux, a double artist. Parish N Mediating the creative act via word and image. Letteratura e Arte , 6, pp. Henri Michaux: Experimentation with Signs. In: Texte, image, imaginaire. Structures et pouvoirs des imaginaires. Paris, pp. Brussels, pp. In: Reading Images Seeing Words.

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Faux titre. Amsterdam, pp. Contact details Email n. About me Research Outputs Other Project. Research Representing difficult history, the migrant experience and multilingualism in the museum space; memory studies Twentieth and twenty-first-century French and Francophone literature and the visual arts and in particular modernism, the avant-gardes, modern and contemporary poetic practice and the artists book Interdisciplinary studies, with a special emphasis on text and image. Article French, English or Kanak Languages? Book Chapter From Radio to the Internet.