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Returning from one of these trips, While investigating tracks of an all ter One of the men was killed by falling ice while the other video-taped the event.

Alaska Fish Wars: Nobody Wins

As a fifth generation Earp he was the first since the original to make his living as a lawman. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 11 titles. Chapter 2.

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Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 9. He said he would refund the fees they each had paid and asked them to wait at the landing until the state trooper arrived to take a statement. The four clients stepped aside while he secured his boat and held a small conference. When Lenny had finished tying up his boat the four men approached to speak with him. The spokesman, the one who demanded to return to shore, did the talking.

We know none of this was your fault.

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I apologize for my attitude in the boat. We were scared to death. But we talked it over and want you to keep the fees we paid.

We took up a little collection for a tip, perhaps enough to pay for the gear you lost. We realize this day was as bad for you as it was for us. We would like to buy you lunch after the trooper is finished. Thank you, fellas. I was scared too. That guy has a reputation for such behavior. He likes to think he owns the river and I hope they arrest him. He had just finished loading and securing his boat on the trailer when the trooper arrived. Are you the party who called about being assaulted by another boat? Yes, I own this boat and these are the clients I had out there when Dean tried to swamp us.

Yeah, all the guides know him. If you checked his engine I bet you would find he has more horsepower than the law allows. This time he endangered my clients and nearly swamped my boat. I want him stopped and off the river forever. Lenny spoke in an angry tone. He was on his way upstream when he attacked us. He usually fishes just below the closure buoy at Funny River. He had four clients in the boat.

Trooper Gleason reached for his radio. Dispatch, would you have Alaska State Parks contact a red boat downstream from the Funny River closure buoy in regard to an assault on another boat? He furnished the guide number and boat description. After the radio call the trooper interviewed each of the four fishermen, asking them to meet him at the trooper building to furnish a written statement.

Sitting at a large table the men ordered, sipping iced tea while they waited.

Does this sort of thing happen often? Not often, but it does happen. The river is so crowded during king salmon fishing season that sometimes it is impossible to fish a given hole because of the number of boats. Every guide will tell you that there are fewer fish each year and the size of the fish is dropping drastically. Some guides, like Dean, attempt to intimidate other guides and cause dangerous situations in the process. We have a guide association, but we have no authority to really do anything. Today, Dean went over the line. The speaker was the number two man to speak in the boat.

I went to school here and have been a Kenai River guide since I got out of high school. Guiding is my trade and profession. I hate to see the river this way. I personally think the river lacks adequate enforcement and regulation. Alaska State Parks claims ownership of the river, but it supplies little management of user resources within the state designated management unit.

Thousands of clients fish five days a week, twelve hours a day. I understand commercial fishing is out of control in the entire Cook Inlet region. Fred, the leader of the fishermen, asked. Lenny Durham was smiling as he spoke. Trooper Gleason asked me to stop by too.

I hope they arrested Dean. Trooper Gleason had been in contact with the Alaska State Parks ranger as he met with the river guide, Dean.

Alaska State Troopers S2 E6: Armed and Dangerous

He ordered the guide to take his clients back to the landing in Soldotna. I can arrest you here, if you like, but it would be better for all involved to have you take your customers to the landing and meet with the trooper there. Dean was unable to think of a good argument to the ultimatum. OK folks, he said to his passengers, the ranger wants us to go to shore. Dean stowed the rods on his boat and began the motor trip back to the landing with the park ranger following in his boat. The ranger called Alaska Trooper Gleason on the radio to report he and the other boat were headed his way and would arrive in ten or fifteen minutes.

The landing in this case was at Centennial Park in the city of Soldotna. Gleason was waiting when Dean beached his boat at the boat landing to unload his passengers. Please turn around and place your hands behind your back.

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Trooper Gleason wanted to handcuff the very large and very healthy river guide. With the handcuffs in place he turned to speak with the fishermen who had been with Dean during the incident. What are you going to do with my boat? I am going to impound the boat and trailer as evidence. Hours later, after statements had been taken from all those involved in the incident, Dean was taken to the jail where he was booked on felony assault charges. He immediately called a lawyer to arrange bail. Though conflicts were fairly common on the river most were verbal and seldom involved physical confrontations.