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And can you blame her? Throughout her entire life, and still in death, Lola has been stuck with the reputation of a black widow, a dangerous seductress who got whatever she wanted and was tainted forever. A living embodiment of feminine evil, come to steal your husband and drag him down into the pits of hell. This reputation made Lola an outcast, but it also gave her a unique platform to be able to say whatever she wanted.

And dammit, she took that opportunity for as long as her sharp mind held out against the Neurosyphilis. When Lola came at the urging of a friend, she was already many years into the final stages of Neurosyphilis. I find this story to be too convenient for my liking. Too sickly sweet and condescending. And I would never want to reduce her to a one-dimensional character trope like she so often has been by other biographers. She was a woman with many layers who was certainly capable of writing revolutionary feminist satire and also being deeply religious and also being racist.

Lola was a woman dealing with a lot of the same bullshit we deal with today and a lot of injustices besides, and she refused to keep her anger to herself.

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She fought, kicked, and bit back against a world that gave her an impossible choice — to endure a life of family-and-church-sanctioned rape, forced childbearing, and servitude… or to set out on her own and cut through the status quo with a machete. She was utterly imperfect about her choices, but the fact that she made them in the first place is part of why her memory endures today. Always talk a little doubtingly of female virtue, for that will show that you are rigidly virtuous yourself, and that you associate chiefly with a class of women who cannot fail to be of great advantage to you in giving you proper, and sufficiently cautionary, ideas of the character of the sex.

Burr, C.

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Kamiya, G. San Francisco Chronicle. Archived from the original on 1 June Retrieved —06— Norton, , p. Sign in. Get started. Katlyn Roberts Follow. The woman was a firebrand from the start.

She became the mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. Lola, the original Scarlet Woman. Hints to Gentlemen. Cine Suffragette A multilingual Medium publication about empowerment and representativeness in film. History Books Culture Feminism Reading. American writer living in Barcelona, Spain. The Initiate Abroad, pondering the human condition and finding it infectious. Februar Physical Description: Tab J. Februar Physical Description: Tab K.

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Physical Description: Tab H. Physical Description: Tab M. Contents of Carton 5. Physical Description: Tab A. Contents of Carton 6. The immediate cause seems to have been the loss at sea of her young lover and manager Noel Folland between Sydney and San Francisco in There were suggestions that the young man had jumped into the ocean after endless quarrels.

Or perhaps he was drunk and fell overboard when the ship lurched. There never was a proper inquiry. Lola died in January just short of her 40th birthday. Parsifal was completed two decades later. About to take on Wagner's cursed sailor for Melbourne Opera, the bass-baritone discusses the joys of a short rehearsal period, training like an athlete, and the humanity of the Dutchman.

We discover how the orchestra, under Jaap van Zweden, struck Rhine gold with the ambitious project. The November issue of Limelight Magazine is now on sale featuring our comprehensive guide and hot picks for the year ahead. Classical Music. CD and Other Review. Live Review.

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And then what confused, angry words from the tribunal? He turns to his friends, his eyes ablaze with anger, opera-glass in hand. She left England and appeared upon the Continent as a beautiful virago, making a sensation—as the French would say, a succes de scandale—by boxing the ears of people who offended her, and even on one occasion horsewhipping a policeman who was in attendance on the King of Prussia. In Paris she tried once more to be a dancer, but Paris would not have her.

She betook herself to Dresden and Warsaw, where she sought to attract attention by her eccentricities, making mouths at the spectators, flinging her garters in their faces, and one time removing her skirts and still more necessary garments, whereupon her manager broke off his engagement with her. The clever young journalist, Dujarrier, who assisted Emile Girardin, was her lover in Paris. He was killed in a duel and left Lola twenty thousand francs and some securities, so that she no longer had to sing in the streets as she did in Warsaw.

She now betook herself to Munich, the capital of Bavaria. That country was then governed by Ludwig I. He was a curious compound of kindliness, ideality, and peculiar ways. For instance, he would never use a carriage even on state occasions. He prowled around the streets, knocking off the hats of those whom he chanced to meet.

Like his unfortunate descendant, Ludwig II. He dressed like an English fox-hunter, with a most extraordinary hat, and what was odd and peculiar in others pleased him because he was odd and peculiar himself. Therefore when Lola made her first appearance at the Court Theater he was enchanted with her.