Guide The F#@% Train To Freedom: A Wellness Guide to Finding Peace Within Mind, Body & Spirit

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Sabrina Garland What truth do you know for sure? Hodgell This past year, the truth destroyed almost all areas of my life. This past year was a hard year for a lot of people; this challenging time was not lost on me. What was left after the truth changed my life completely was a foundation to launch from, and truth was what set me free.

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The second truth was learning that rushing is a form of hesitation. Going slower feels good to my soul, and I wish to embrace whatever is next with lots of pausing. Invest in yourself. And keep your room clean. You are so powerful. Remember your inherent potential.

The F#@% Train to Freedom : A Wellness Guide to Finding Peace Within Mind, Body & Spirit

Embody it fully. What is happening right now is pruning you, refining you, to be a more complete expression of your highest Self. You are not being blocked. You are not being punished. You are being rerouted. You are a healer, and you will bring inspiration and wisdom by healing yourself first. You are divinely protected. Allow the deconstruction to happen.

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Instagram: mariebellepr mariebellepr. Sherrell Moore-Tucker What have you struggled with and what helped you through? I have always struggled with negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts and seeing the worst possible outcome with every situation did not serve me well in my 20s. I was miserable and had no idea how to change the way that I saw things until I was introduced to mindfulness meditation. Daily meditation has helped me to gain more insight about my thoughts.

I now embrace the power to choose my thoughts, which has transformed my reality. Instagram: sherrellmooretucker sherrellmooretucker. Ca z o s h ay M a r i e What have you struggled with and what helped you through? The unexpected, life-altering trauma of being struck by a car traveling 48 mph while walking across the street in May. I sustained serious injuries that halted my wellness career and, I felt, robbed me of my life. Relying on my faith, my family and my friends for support has been a vital part of my healing process. Melanie Holst-Collins What truth do you know for sure?

A shift in perspective is a real life miracle. Allows healing. Allows space. Healing, openings and space are miracles. What have you struggled with? The last two years as an entrepreneur were extremely challenging as I moved through learning how to live in abundance without making mass amounts of money. That period of time was one of the most trying, but. I had an embodied experience with the truth that gratitude is the currency of abundance.

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What is burning? Being as black as possible in tandem with shifting the dynamic of how yoga is represented globally. Instagram: growyourlovespace growyourlovespace. Figure out what you love to do for free and find a way to get paid for it. This advice helped start me on the path of food and nutrition. I love cooking, going to health food stores and farmers markets, and dining out. What truth do you know for sure? The body has the ability to heal if given the proper tools.

I have healed myself from asthma,. The body is such a resilient, intelligent force and just needs simple things like clean water, fresh fruits and veggies, herbal teas, rest, happiness and stress relief to heal so many things and be at its best. Instagram: afyaibomu rbgfitclub.

Terrina A. It has helped me with how I move in this world, and how I move and deal with people and situations. Move with a purpose, but above all, move in silence. That you have to fight for what you want. I learned that from my parents.

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Not to fight a violent fight path but on a path to your truth. You have to be true to yourself, value yourself, then you will know your path, your truth, strengthens you. Instagram: preciouselementsdesigns. Va l u e yourself Monica Craig What is the best advice you have received? You are who you are and do what you desire to do, period. I know one thing for sure: I have the ability to create my reality, and if I decide to change it up, I have the power to recreate my reality.

Never feel stuck. Set your intention, believe it, feel it, do it and watch that shit manifest. I have always struggled with the constraints, boundaries and weight of time; 24 hours is never enough. Now, I reward myself when I successfully manage my time. I treat myself like I have accomplished something very important.

Instagram: siririshi lifelabsrk siririshi. When I was a child, I remember my dad very seriously telling me that my time was the most valuable thing I have and that I should use it wisely. What is burning in your heart right now? As a resident of Puerto Rico, I am currently involved with hurricane relief efforts on the island. I have friends still living without power. Instagram: adicarter adicarter. Carol Sternkopf Best advice you have received? The best advice I have ever received was from a very good friend when I was young and full of self-doubt. He simply said I needed to believe in my abilities, and that my intuition and talent would carry me to a much more confident place, where I belonged.

Raina Gradford What truth do you know for sure? It is essential to love yourself right now just as you are. Let go of everything else and enjoy your adventure! Instagram: desireedawsonofficial desireedawsonmusic. What helps me get past that point is reminding myself that I was given the idea and if someone does not like it or agree, they can generate their own idea too.

When I was 20 years old, I wish I would have known to listen to my inner voice— the voice within me that I allowed to be smothered by others that tried to tell me I was not good enough, or that I was too much of something. I think if I would have found my voice within myself sooner, I would have used it to speak up for myself as much as I did for others.

Instagram: transformationyogasc transformationyogasc. After a lifetime spent studying human nature from behind a camera lens, I know for sure people have complicated lives and yearn to feel connected and seen. Instagram: carolsternkopfphotography carolsternkopf. I am already more than enough. Misty Powell What truth do you know for sure?