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Get started. Combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality in mobile apps.

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Jameson Toole Follow. Putting it all together Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are distinct technologies, but they can be used together to create unique experiences. Where does AI end and AR begin?

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Here are a few examples: Image or scene labeling : A camera frame is run through an AI model that classifies an image. The classification triggers an AR label for that location.

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Object detection : A camera frame is passed to an AI model that estimates the position and extent of objects within a scene. Location information is then used to form hit boxes and colliders that facilitate interactions between physical and digital objects.

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Semantic segmentation and occlusion : While ARKit may provide generic people occlusion capabilities, a custom AI model can be used to segment and occlude cars or other objects. Pose estimation : An AI model infers the position of objects like hands and fingers, which are used to control AR content. Text recognition and translation : An AI model detects, reads, and translates text in an image. Augmented reality APIs are then used to overlay translated text back into the 3D world.

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Audio recognition : AI models listen to specific words that trigger AR effects. Heartbeat Exploring the intersection of mobile development and machine learning.

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