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We often cave to the temptation to use social media as a platform to spread spiritually malnourished thoughts, ideas and convictions. I often recall C. Like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by a holiday at the sea.

Practices of Love: Spiritual Disciplines for the Life of the World

We are far too easily pleased. There is a severe lack of the spiritual disciplines in our approach to and engagement with social media that contributes to the elimination of critical thinking and genuine human interaction on this platform. Social media does offer us opportunities to be voices of truth in the midst of lies and voices of reason in the midst of confusion. But when we are spiritually undisciplined, we undermine these opportunities in two key ways:.

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Could you understand the character and motivations of the untamed Aslan in a single tweet or two? Why then would you be able to understand an issue like immigration reform in a similar fashion? We must fight against the temptation to allow social media to be our nutrient supply in forming convictions, and we must also refuse to engage social media with spiritually emaciated hearts. Instead, our convictions must derive and be communicated from the spiritual disciplines the Lord demands of us as His followers.

Feasting on God: The Lost Art of Fasting — Jen Miskov

When a national tragedy erupts or a controversial story breaks, is your first inclination to pray or tweet? Meditation In our fast-paced, gratification-driven culture, the idea of meditating is either a lost art or a horribly misguided one. Whitney explains what meditation is:. While some advocate a kind of meditation in which you do your best to empty your mind, Christian meditation involves filling your mind with God and truth.

Writing during the terrible reign of Hitler in Germany, our brother Dietrich Bonhoeffer writes this about the discipline of meditation in Life Together :. Silence is the simple stillness of the individual under the Word of God… But everybody knows that this is something that needs to be practiced and learned, in these days when talkativeness prevails. Christian, meditate on the Word of God. Then we should pray, expecting our good Father to hear us Luke Most of us are devoted to many things.

When you make something a priority, when you will sacrifice for it, when you will give time to it, you know you are devoted to it. God expects Christians to be devoted to prayer.

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Donald S. Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines. Christian, devote yourself to prayer.

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Fellowship with Gospel Community Oh the wisdom and insights we gain from brothers and sisters who have unique and vastly varied perspectives on issues, but with whom we have one solid, unwavering foundation of solidarity: Jesus Christ crucified, resurrected and glorified. Or do we really think there is a single person in this world who does not need either encouragement or admonition? The price for spiritual change is expensive, but the rewards are far greater.

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  6. And, for that matter, if we are separate from the world, then sin must not be a part of our lives either. Sin ruins a life of consecration.

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    It would be a shame to believe that holiness is nothing more than rules or guidelines we are to live by. Holiness and consecration flow from a life given to the spiritual disciplines, a life we can only maintain by continuing to seek for Him daily. Your pursuit will never be greater than your disciplines. No man is greater than his prayer life. Even though Jesus requires us to pray, praying is not to be done out of duty, but it is to be done out of delight. Our physical appetite can reveal just as much about our spiritual health. Prayer is the dominant discipline in a godly life and it takes a backseat to no other task.