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Wild Races of South-Eastern India. By Captain T. H. Lewin. » 19 Nov » The Spectator Archive

Doughty Vol. The Sayings of Confucius by Confucius. Ceremonies of the Pomo Indians by S. C by Devadatta Ramkrishna Bhandarkar. Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. Amaury Talbot. King's Friend.

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History of India by A. Williams Jackson Vol. I am grateful to colleagues who shared their critical comments on earlier drafts of this paper, and to the anonymous referees. Amongst others, see Scott , James C.

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Linguistic Survey of India , Vol. Likewise, I retain the old names, mentioning the new ones in brackets in the first instance. Zo History , Aizawl, pp.

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See for instance, Guha , R. See also Pemberton , R. See Shaw , W. Notes on the Thadou Kukis , Govt. Raja Chingtung Komba Joy Singh stayed amongst the Kukis during the Burmese occupation of Manipur; the superior rice cultivated by the Kukis was given to him during this time. See McCulloch , W. See also Macrae , J.

Wild races of south-eastern India / by T.H. Lewin.

Emphasis added. See Dalton , E. Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal , Govt. See Mackenzie, North-East Frontier , pp. Let us haste with every speed, Oh my fairy-like young brother! The Lakhers , Omsons , Delhi , p. See Shaw, Thadou Kukis , pp. A banyan tree planted by them before leaving that walled settlement is a prophecy: once its branches touch the ground their ruined kingdom would be restored.

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  • See Lalthangliana, Mizo in Burma , pp. Hutton notes in Shaw's Thadou Kukis , p.


    See Haokip , L. See for instance, Shakespear, Lushei Kuki Clans , pp. Carey noted that the fire that destroyed some portion of Falam town was ascribed by the Chins to the wrath of the reigning deity in their groove when the British soldiers felled some trees there in order to make a suspension bridge. He also noted that a sick slave girl, before her death, confessed that it was because she had cut down the trees in the Haka's groove which were put up for sale. See Carey, Chin Hills , pp. Discovery of North-East India , Vol. Edgar to Secy. Hopkinson, Commissioner of Arakan, to the Secy.

    Quotation from p.

    Wild Races of South-Eastern India

    Sating the flesh between the upper side of the ribs and the hide of all animals killed is one such tribute paid by a man to his senior male next-of-kin till it went up to clan head pipa. Original emphasis. Shaw, Thadou Kukis , p.

    Wild Eastern Arches - India

    Chatterjee , S. Mizoram under the British Rule , Mittal , Delhi , p. See Kumar, State and Society , p. Long in the Journal of Asiatic Society of Bengal , vol. See also Mackenzie, North-East Frontier , pp. She was released from her Lushei captors during the Lushai Expedition, — One thousand Kuki warriors joined the Manipuris expedition against the Suktes in See Lewin, Wild Races , pp.